Monday, June 27, 2016


Here I am wearing a very cute lil striped romper from SheIn :-)
It's so easy and comfy to wear in the summer, I've already worn it a few times since I got it last week! Also it matches my hair and that is always fun.
So I have to move out of my apartment in like the next two weeks. Obviously I'm nervous, I have so much to figure out in the next month or two. Now it's looking like I might move in with an old friend in Bushwick at the end of the summer, but really who fucking knows. I played my last bburg show a couple nights ago (there are some pics from my set below). I have a couple more shows coming up in July but besides that I have zero plans for the summer. I just have to focus on applying to jobs!

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  1. Love the hair and outfit above as well as below on the pics from your show! Do you have a soundcloud account or something?